Model WP-9 WP-17 WP26
Rating AC 125A 150A 200A
DC 80A 120A 160A
Duty Cycle 60% 60% 60%
Tungsten Diameter (mm) 0.5-1.6mm 0.5-2.4mm 0.5-3.2mm


1. 18CG Heatshield Cup Gasket
2. 18GC20 Heatshield Cup Gasket
3. 54N01 Heatshield Cup Gasket
4. 54N63 Heatshield Cup Gasket (Large Dia Gas Lens)
5. WP26 Torch Body (With Gasket)
6. 98W18 Back Cap “O” Ring
7. 57Y02 Back Cap Long
8. 57Y04 Back Cap Short
9. 950 Micro Switch Bulbous Button
    NI 950F Micro Switch Flat Button
10. 950-40 Bulbous Micro Switch c/w 4mt 2 Core Cable
      950-80 Bulbous Micro Switch c/w 8mt 2 Core Cable
11. RDZ0590 Switch Boot
      NI 607663 Switch Retaining Boot
12. 609123 Protective neoprene Cover, 4m
      609125 Protective neoprene Cover, 8m
13. 10N15 Handle
14. 0315071 Insulator Boot
15. 46V28 PVC Cable Assembly 4m
      46V30 PVC Cable Assembly 8m
      46V28R Rubber Cable Assembly 4m
      46V30R Rubber Cable Assembly 8m
      46V28-2 Cable Assembly 2 piece, 4m
      46V30-2 Cable Assembly 2 piece, 8m
16. VS-1 Valve Stem
17. WP-26V Torch Body With Valve
18. WP-26FX Flexible Torch Body
19. WP-26VFX Flexible Torch Body With Valve